It’s cake time baby!

Fill out this nifty little form and before you know it, you and Miss Trixie will be talking cake. Such a fun topic of conversation, would you agree? Be sure to check your junk / spam / folder where the email world deems this conversation inappropriate after you’ve submitted your enquiry, as sometimes Miss Trixie’s replies get lost in the email stratosphere…. 

Miss Trixie typically requires two weeks notice for custom orders, unless booked out prior, so organisation is key! 

If you need a cake sooner rather than later, why don't you shop our very shoppable (and adorably cute) online cake range?

Please be patient with a reply from Miss Trixie - we are a teeny tiny team, with one sole human (aka Trix) managing the inbox. Please allow 72 hours (sometimes more, sorry sorry sorry) for a reply. Love us! Forgive us! We love you! Hear from us soon! 

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