It’s cake time baby!

Fill out this nifty little form and before you know it, you and Miss Trixie will be talking cake. Such a fun topic of conversation, would you agree? Be sure to check your junk / spam / folder where the email world deems this conversation inappropriate after you’ve submitted your enquiry, as sometimes Miss Trixie’s replies get lost in the email stratosphere…. 

Miss Trixie typically requires 2 - 3 weeks notice for custom orders, unless booked out prior, so organisation is key! 

If you need a cake sooner rather than later, why don't you shop our very shoppable (and adorably cute) message cake range. 

Please be patient with a reply from Miss Trixie - it is more than likely than when you submit your enquiry, Miss Trixie will be in the kitchen drowning in milk and cream. We can take up to 72 hours to reply - forgive us in advance! 

Update: Miss Trixie is taking a mid-year break from June 25 - July 11. We are not taking any custom orders during this time and will be slow to answer any enquiries (so perhaps wait until she is back from holiday - she'll thank you BIG time for it!). We are however fulfilling orders for our message cakes (handy link above) and cookies. Happy shopping! x

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