How far in advance do I need to book a cake?
The more notice the better, as we’re manic planners over in the Trixie kitchen. But the minimum amount of time we need for an online order is 72 hours, which is subject to availability. We can sell out and sometimes we sell out quickly if there is an exclusive cake or cookie drop!

Do you offer same day delivery?
Never say never, but at present we do not offer same day delivery, as our cakes are made with the utmost TLC. See diligent planner note above.

Can I collect my order?
Sure you can! Be sure to select 'pick up' at the checkout, or instructions will be provided to you via email if you're ordering a custom cake. If however the cake is damaged once it has left Trixie HQ, we bear no responsibility. So don’t take those corners too fast and obey the speed limit. You’re not on the F1 track.

How big are your cakes?
Our message cakes are available in either a nicely sized 7 inch round cake or a perfectly large 9 inch round cake. Custom cakes are well, custom. And wedding cakes are, well you know the drill.

Do you post your cakes or cookies?
Lordy no! Imagine the mess on the other end. We employ a fab team of delivery drivers who drive 10km under the speed limit to deliver your cake / cookies in perfect condition. We are however looking into postage of our cookies. Sign up to our non-edible newsletter for updates!

How much are your cakes?
It depends! Our message cakes start at $90 (exclusive of delivery) to which are available to purchase on the website. Shop away! Custom and wedding cakes are a whole other kettle of fish. Enquire within. 

You’re not the cheapest cake maker on the market. Why is that?
Because we’re ingredient snobs. We froth Callebaut chocolate, free range organic eggs and top quality Aussie butter.

Is there a minimum number of cookies I need to order?
Yes, a half dozen. But we can guarantee, you'll want more than six lousy cookies. And because Cheaper by the Dozen is an excellent Steve Martin flick.

Do your products contain nuts?
They may contain traces! Those sneaky traces!

What about sesame, soy, gluten or wheat?
Again! They may contain traces. Those buggery sneaky traces. Please note though, that most of our cakes absolutely contain gluten or wheat as we use flour. If you’re after GF cake (and we make delicious GF cakes!), please be in touch.  

Do you offer vegan cakes?
We don't no. We love our bread. We love our butter. But most of all we love each other. Strike that, we love butter. And eggs.

How about gluten free?
Yes! A win for the coeliacs! We cater for our gluten free friends!

Where should I store my cake or cookies?
Look, all cakes have different needs (high maintenance we know!), but rule of thumb is cake — fridge. Cookies — not the fridge. But never fear, you will receive cake care instructions when you receive your cake. If you have plenty of leftovers, transfer to an airtight container!

I’ve changed my mind! What’s the deal?
If you’re buying from the online store, once your order has gone through, no changes can be made so be sure to check over all the details. If your order is bespoke or a wedding, just chat with us and we’ll confirm everything in writing. We’re understanding folk over here and know that shit can happen (hello look at 2020, the year of the pandemic!). We will do our best to accommodate, but please be kind and understand that sometimes we can’t amend everything.

I’ve placed an order for a custom/wedding cake. When and how much do I have to pay you?
A 50% deposit is required to confirm a booking. We can’t get to work or commence the baking process until that deposit is received. Once the deposit has been paid, the quoted price remains fixed to the details in the quote, unless changes to the order are made by your fine self. The balance of payment is then due TWO WEEKS prior to delivery. Orders will not be delivered or completed unless paid in full.
If placing an order within that two week period, then full payment is due & payable for the order to proceed. You’re also welcome to skip the whole deposit process, two invoice thingy and pay upfront completely. Much easier!

I’m interested in collaborating with Miss Trixie. How do I go about that?
We love collabs! Please email us at hello@misstrixiedrinkstea.com. We’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Do you sell wholesale?
Not right at this very moment in time, but we plan to take our cookies wholesale. Feel free to get in touch though so we can keep you on the radar.

What are your cakes packaged in?
All of our cake orders are neatly packed into a cutely branded white box. With lots of bright Miss Trixie stickers! And because we know you care about the environment, you can pop the box straight into recycling once you're done with it. 

What are your message cake flavours made with?
Chocolate: butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, coffee, dark chocolate, cocoa, sour cream, eggs, plain flour, bi-carb soda.
Vanilla: butter, sugar, vanilla, flour, eggs, baking powder, bi-carb soda, milk (cow's). 
Lemon Vanilla: butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour, baking powder, bi-carb soda, milk (cows), lemon juice, lemon zest.
Coconut: butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, self raising flour, milk (cow's), coconut.
Red Velvet: cocoa, flour, bi-carb soda, sugar, buttermilk, vinegar, eggs, vanilla, red food dye, butter.
White Chocolate: white chocolate, butter, milk (cow's), sugar, flour, baking powder, eggs.

How do you make your letters on your pun message cakes?
We use fondant! What’s fondant you ask? It’s this very handy baking ingredient! Fondant is gluten free — a win for the coeliacs once again! If you need to know the very intricacies of the fondant, do get in touch for a full ingredients list. 

What are in the lollies on the pun message cakes?
All the lollies are different, so please get in touch if you have a specific question in regards to the lollies on the cakes. Otherwise head over to our ingredients page. 

Do you offer custom message cakes?
Yes! You can purchase a custom message cake by getting in touch with us. You are limited to 30 characters and we offer uppercase black letters and standard numbers, and characters including ? ! # $ @ ; ‘.. Just remember, we do not have every character you have on your keyboard. We may need to edit or cut your message to fit it on the cake.